• 26 September 2021 19 h 16 min

Javorest thatch panel is made from the same high quality thatch. This panel measures Brown Cogongrass | 200cm × 70cm* (L × W) | Bamboo Clipping | Coated with Anti-termite Liquid

* Product Dimension can be adjusted on order

perfect for outdoor projects. Thatch panels have been expertly hand-woven by island natives to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Build island inspired palapas, gazebos, beach umbrellas, tiki bars, and more with our economically priced panels. The natural golden and tan colors compliment any décor theme and provide an organic look to your home or business setting.

Java thatch products are handwoven and made from natural materials. Many customers ask, how long will my Java thatch last? The answer unfortunately, is that it really depends on a number of factors, the main one being climate. In dry, moderate climates java thatch can last approximately 3-5 years.  In harsher climates that experience heavy rains, high humidity and drastic changes in climate it will be significantly shorter (approximately 1-2 years).  Due to this and other external factors we cannot guarantee the life of these products.


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