• 2 September 2021 22 h 43 min
Single & Double-loop FIBC bags are also known as one & two-loop FIBC bags. These bags are constructed in such a way that they provide similar efficiency as a traditional 4 loop FIBC but at a lower cost. These bags are made from tubular body fabric directly extended to create one or two lifting loops as required. As a result, the bags gain additional strength and become more economical, as additional loops do not need to be added. Using colored sleeves to wrap the loops helps in separating different bags according to their application. These bags are usually made to transport bulk loads of between 500 kg to 1500 kg.
One or Two loop bags are mostly used in industries like agriculture, fertilizer, construction, mining, etc. and is ideal for storing and transporting fertilizers, seeds and powdered raw materials like sand and cement.
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