• 27 September 2021 14 h 46 min

Masse’s Vita Chair is a unique exercise chair that uses NeuroPulse technology to simulate load-bearing exercise, strengthening bones and muscles. NeuroPulse is the fusion of Wholebody Vibration and wholebody periodic acceleration patented by Masse. Vita series has different models and is being used in rehab, nursing, wellness, passive exercise, and sports recovery.

Key benefits of Vita chair:

* Improves circulation and increases cardiac output.
* Improves flexibility of ankles, knees, hips, and spine.
* Prevents stiffening of muscles and joints.
* Reduces joint and muscle pain.
* Releases endorphins and promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.
* Relieves stress and improves the quality of sleep.


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  • Condition : New

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