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AKS Leathers founded in 2021 are Leather Garments Manufacturer based in GURGAON India.
Admired for its consistent quality, on time deliveries and personalized service to its customers.

By keeping its focus on maintaining quality standards, AKS has acquired a formidable position in

 the leather garment industry.

AKS Leathers prime supply region is Europe. Clientele includes Brands, Wholesalers, and Chain 

Stores & Independent retailers.Each of our Clients are given an exclusive team which manages & 

updates them upon production status on a weekly basis. This commitment enables our buyers to have

 real time updates on production making follow-ups hassle free.



Each of our Clients are handled by an exclusive Production team which manages & update them production 

status on a weekly basis. This commitment enables our buyers to have real time update on production making

 follow-ups hassle free. We believe in total Customer satisfaction with timely delivery for samples and 

production with full in-house Sampling and production units inspection divisions at multiple levels to create 

perfection in our deliveries. We use installed Latest Machinery for product assembly AKS Leather has 

technically qualified Merchandising Team.


Vertical Leather Tanneries boost to maintain the flow of quality raw materials and delivery

 of the goods on predetermined time. Our separate leather treatment unit works in

 coordination with leather technicians to attain the new articles and concepts. AKS Leathers

 own tanneries and better flow of raw material allow it to offer competitive price for bulk 

orders. Enthusiastic and proactive merchandising team coordinates with each department

 to maintain the framed timelines. Dedicated design team gives us back up for the upcoming

 trends and directions for allying with the changing pace of fashion industry.Our separate leather

 the treatment unit works in coordination with leather technicians to attain the new articles and


 Enthusiastic and proactive merchandising team coordinates with each department to maintain the 

framed timelines. AKS Leathers own tanneries and better flow of raw material allow it to offer 

competitive price for bulk orders.


AKS Leathers is an original equipment manufacturer and acts as a gateway for Leather 

brands across the globe. We are a Global Brand Builder with onus on fulfilling the 

requirements of retailers and wholesalers. It is often heard about a one stop shop and 

AKS Leathers in itself is a platform of such magnitude to attend and fulfill enquiries 

of miniscule level to bulk orders. We are brand builders of prominent brands globally 

and fulfill their complete OEM services. We strive towards finesse and symmetry of 

leather products with focus on state of the art technology, modernized and standardized 

equipment’s with synergized assembly line stitching, inspection, packing & dispatch. All 

enquiries in nature of retail and wholesale are entertained accordingly be it the customized 

sample development based on design, or the idea being transformed into layout and pattern, 

or the existing product is tweaked to create a new one with added utility and appeal. In a world

 of mass production, we find ourselves craving uniqueness and custom design either due to o

ne’s desire, status quo, fashion trend, personal satisfaction, bold statement or just a simple want 

for a bespoke product. This is exactly where AKS Leathers offers its expertise and offers 

customization or can adapt existing product designs with a choice of leather, stitching color and 

stitch detailing. Also size can be altered on designs to accommodate specific sizing.


*Existing Brand image acts as a gateway for new opportunities.
*Competitive Pricing due to In-House Manufacturing.
*Encourage private labels and indulge in sales promotion for the same.
*Product selection from Best Sellers across our network. 
*Well-equipped by modernized machinery with cutting edge technology.
*Efficient Global Distribution Network operated by a renowned Logistics organization. 
*Customization options like Embossing, Embroidery, Engraving, Dual Contrast Stitching,
   and Lining etc.
*Packaging & Gift Wrap Solutions. whatsup: 8178391919


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