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We are an industrial company specializing in the manufacture of all stainless steel and flexible metal hoses (pipes) that are used for natural gas, water, and various chemicals materials also they can be used for heating and ventilating applications.
Our products can be used domestically or industrially, and we can modify our product according to the customer’s desire.
We export our products to more than 12 countries around the world and all of our products are ISO certified and conform to Turkish and European specifications.
We have the possibility to manufacture products and put the customer’s brand on them…our customers in Europe take our products and put their own brand on them.
Within two years from the start of exporting our products, we entered more than 12 global markets in a very short period.
Our product is competitive and profitable for wholesale trade because our prices compared to other companies are competitive … Certainly, our products are not comparable to Chinese products in terms of quality and do not comparable with European products in terms of price.
This means European quality at an appropriate price.
All of our products have obtained all quality certificates and conform to all safety requirements Locally and globally.
If you need any details or information about this product you can send it to us by WhatsApp or direct connect us by Facebook.
Adnan Lahham
Foreign Trade Responsible.
EVS FLEX company
Our website: www-evsflex-com
tel.(with WhatsApp) (+90) 533-0736-284
mail to me: sales@evsflex-com
skype me : EVS FLEX
our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/EVSFLEX
our telegram account : (+90) 533-0736-284


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