• 5 September 2021 19 h 04 min

We are offering following rice varieties to our customers in all over the world direct or via our sales agents / brokers;

1- Super Kernel Basmati Rice White (5% Broken) AGL: 7.2-7.3mm

2- 1121 Basmati White Rice (0% Broken) AGL: 8.2-8.3mm

3- 1121 Basmati Parboiled Sela Rice (0% Broken) AGL: 8.2-8.3mm

4- 1121 Basmati Steamed Rice (2% Broken) AGL: 8.2-8.3mm

5- PK-386 White Rice (5% Broken) AGL: 6.8-6.9mm

6- PK-386 Parboiled Sela Rice (0% Broken) AGL: 6.8-6.9mm
Thank you for contacting Aliza Trader! We are manufacture of Himalayan salt lamps, different sizes of edible salt grains, powder to 4mm, white and pink salt from Pakistan.
1121 Basmati/non basmati rice, 1121 sella white/Golden rice, and many Rice brand are available.
Grieg/dye fabric and grieg/dyed yarn.
Denim jeans, Tees, sweet shirts, Towel, Bedding and kitchen accessories.
So plz get back to us for your satisfaction.
+923214771456 WhatsApp n.arshad@alizatrader.com


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